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Royal Slumber (Feat. Dopehead)

from by Crackhouse

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You sleepin on the Kings, Underground legends
Crack embarrass rappers, Bruiser just kill em
Its the royal slumber, You sleepin on the kings, Royal Slumber
Bruiser up in this bitch, style me the fuck out
Dopehead gettin jooky goin stupid with the Crackhouse
Its the royal slumber, you sleepin on the kings Royal Slumber

[Verse 1: Classic Cris]

Classic, attacks whack rappers, act fast when Im plastered blast ya
King of, everythin ratchet never gave a fuck about
appealin to the masses
Fuck your fashion, where ya bars,
Better take cover when I go full retard
Dont be alarmed if you think Im awesome Im beastin on em
admit Im raw
Up all night I got a craft to master
Gotta catch a meal for the morning after, hold up
Im done, going stupid Im dumb, Smokin fuck my lungs
Saw ya wife on pornhub
And you saw me standin right abover her boutta bust without a gun
Spit at the cool kids table, when I was just a youngin
Still aint signed to no label, but I do this like its nothin
I make it look Eazy-E I know get eaten like some pizza rolls
Beneaths me where you'll always go and when you speak
it always shows
Im back to, the flow comin at you, so sneaky sly like the raccoon
Ima man of stature makin moves you just a statue
Cant imagine, the rations of bars that are comin outta this bastard
Dont wanna come off as an asshole but Im past you all
I lapped you all


[Verse 2: Dopehead]

Fuck fake MC's ya'll niggas times up
Crabs in a bucket, hate to see my climb up
And niggas rhymes suck, fakin and they caking
Mad, Cuz Im killin whack rappers off the basics
I hustle hard, they hate to see this mutant eat
Every night, rollin up chiefin nigga fuck sleep
And fuck secret beef, cuz bitch Im in the streets
Police harass me, they hate to see a nigga free
My daddy said my flow tight like Nicki jeans
And I vow to kill these rappers by any means
Sucka niggas get hit with the Calico
Smokin Loud, weed green like a battletote
Niggas hate that Im alive, Middle name Homicide
I dont let the drama slide I get it from my mommas side
Nigga ima cannibal, that Bruiser let them hammers bang
Yo bitch horny I eat pussy like George the Animal
Smokin sunshine state, Tropicana
Shots fired drown a nigga like Louisiana
You talk gangsta, never bend a hammer
Yall niggas hoodrats all you smoke is Bama


from Hip Hop Sweat Shop, track released July 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Crackhouse Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Crackhouse community includes but not limited to: Classic Cris, CJ, Deejay, Dolla Will, GK Paypastak$, and Tucknastee.

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