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Last Minute Trip

from by Crackhouse

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[Verse 1: GK Paypastaks]

Last minute trip, this my last minute lifeline
Last in the race, but the marathon is lifetime
Better step your game up, before you hit the sideline
So I dont need a raise, I just need to buy time
Paint a vivid picture but be suspicious
Of which of these figures you claim to be
Dis-memeber your favorite team
And just eminate what's a G
High - elevate, crusing free, they're irrelavant
'til you D-I-E, rest your Ey-es
The flights free - some right green
Take out the IV, goodnight me, politely
Coughed to get high, now Im high in a coffin
Commit a crime, I only lie when they chalk me
Forget the rhymes when I'm talking to you
Sublime is an option
Not subliminal, worse than criminal
Even if your name was Max, you'd be minimal
Write this shit straight from the grave
I call it biblical
Took the long route, my trip just wasnt

[Verse 2: Classic Cris]
Leave your heart home, bring your fat ass
Bring your stupid girlfriends we gon have a kickback
I got that liquor, Greg got that green
Tell me right now bitch what else do you need
I like whiskey, I like big titties
I like the fact that the Crack run the city
Loungin in the house, Justin you can walk
You can run your ass home 50 mothafuckin blocks
Classic (what up) some say that you reckless (huh?)
Well I don't give a fuck man Im eatin candy for breakfast
Reeses puffs they try and tell me that its cereal
Then why the fucks it so delicious bitch im curious
Last minute trippin adventure time cookie crisping
Im smokin Im sippin liquor its potent I'm overdosing
So ... pour up hope you're all packed
It's just a last minute trip and we ain't coming back


from Hip Hop Sweat Shop, track released July 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Crackhouse Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Crackhouse community includes but not limited to: Classic Cris, CJ, Deejay, Dolla Will, GK Paypastak$, and Tucknastee.

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