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Kony on Codeine

from by Crackhouse

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[Verse 1: GK Paypa$tak$]

Trying so damn hard to make these rhymes tight - lines right
Catch me droppin bombs like I hit you with a fly-by
A knife and a 9 Ima leave you tie-died
Aiming for the back of your mind, and Im using hindsights
See me dropping heat, (I) been eating fire for a week
And your perspiring, Im dialed in
This pen is trying to speak up!
Adidas, will her her running back-to-me, like Im the Qb
And she's receiver
Even if you caught that, I bet that you wouldn't get it
Because there isn't enough bitches
That listen to what Im spittin
I've written a composition thats killin the competition
Going in is what I in-vision, like a surgical incision
Yall a bunch of scrubs, and I been drinking J.D.
iLoveHandles, but apples fat free

[Verse 2: Classic Cris]

Im poppin a white pill, Im swervin I might spill
My 40, Big L is back n Im nice on the mic still
Mike Tyson on vicodins I might fight you and bite your ear
Im rhyming ripping this here, havent been to jail in a year
Shoutouts to my Grandma, puffin on them stoagies
Fuck what the doctor say, he is not your homie
You dont like the Crackhouse, mothafucka blow me
You could never stop me Im Joseph Kony on Codeine
Jabronis, phonys n Jokers, I kill em like Im supposed to
Im feelin really important im vibin im smokin dohzer
Im lyin, Im posin dont ya know Im righteous Im drinkin orange
Juice, and the vodkas foreign, Shoot, Classic Cris Dorner
Blastin these bastards ass off, Laughin it up in a mansion
put savage ratchets in caskes, couple drips of that acid
Kill I fast then I pass it to the murderer/beat harasses
Talkin bout them Stak$b bitch, Crackhouse ... Classic
So whats it mean to be Classic?
Im tired of ya ass talkin, thats why the speakers are blasting
Torture ten percentage of kids with torches in orphanages
Chokin with my whole entire force till theres no orange in em
Saw Jobs ghost told Steve to hire me and
Now I'm higher, still retired, getting wired like tweak
Trey's from the south and his last name is park- or
Something like that, if you didn't get it, check their artwork
You say your down to earth, but your really just a heart worm
Don't be a critic were the shinit, get your bars firm


from Hip Hop Sweat Shop, track released July 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Crackhouse Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Crackhouse community includes but not limited to: Classic Cris, CJ, Deejay, Dolla Will, GK Paypastak$, and Tucknastee.

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