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Classic Chris Dorner

from by Crackhouse

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[Verse 1: Classic Cris]

I rape Justin with his own dick in the corner
Im killin everything, call me Classic Chris Dorner
I got bars you can all catch a facial
Bukakke, my dick is bigger than a spaceship
And im crazy, Ill grab my white paper
and make it take this black ink, call in interracial
Im on it, like bored kids on pornhub
AK's will decay you catch a bullet in the cornhole
Pop 3 pills and drink alot of goose
3 nude bitchesi n the coup thats alot of boobs
Ima cool mothafucka with nothin to lose
So catch me in Justins trunk taking poops
The government is out to get you tryna steal your fire
So I keep that Cannon in my pants like Im Mariah
Don't tell Conrad that I said trill
I got that BBQ dick, my meat is on her grill


I'll rape Justin with his own dick in the corner
Im killin everything, Classic Cris Dorner
Yeah thats my mothafuckin homie
Im killin everything rest in peace Chris Dorner
Rape Justin with his own dick in the corner
Im killin everything Classic Cris Dorner
Rest in Peace Chris Dorner
Juck Fustin in the ass with several boners

[Verse 2: GK Paypastaks]

I'm 'bout to go on a rampage, champagne, campaign
Bottles to the head, like I'm a fucking bath drain
Abstain from the passing lane, I got a faster way
Assassinate these faggots like Chris Dorner
But he passed away
Deuces, RIP to the homie
Truth is something Justin will never know
Like its exclusive
Toilet in a new whip, true that's some old shit
But by now its died down, you might as well
Tow it Cris
It's good you didnt flush it
Cause I bet you that he touched it once or twice
And stuck his thumb into his eye, well kdi
I mean I dont know, he needs a row boat
He's all over the road doe, swerves like a mofo
Lying to the po-po
One of these days Im gonna just go go
Off on that mothafucka like an ex cop
Vicodin, well let's pop
Dropshot, molotov 'em when I'm offing the bottle
We get to dropping the slaughter
You think you hot? Then we solder
We're taking shots, and you bought 'em bitch
Bomb this shit, London
I wont be the cop that got caught running
I'm a be the one that shot the sandy hook gunman


from Hip Hop Sweat Shop, track released July 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Crackhouse Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Crackhouse community includes but not limited to: Classic Cris, CJ, Deejay, Dolla Will, GK Paypastak$, and Tucknastee.

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